Welding Supervisors Certificate

Our welding qualifications: Outsource Institute (AUS) delivers the Welding Supervisors Certificate 10 Program in partnership with Weld Australia. This Welding Supervisors Certificate 10 Program complies with AS1796-2001 Certification of Welders and Welding Supervisors and AS 2214-2004 Certification of Welding Supervisors-Structural Steel Welding requirements.
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Weld Australia

Outsource Institute (AUS) is proud to announce that we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Weld Australia to provide industry recognition to our students. Following completion of their training, Outsource students will now be able to obtain the Weld Australia AS/NZS 2214 and/or AS1796-10 qualification (upon successful completion of the relevant exam(s)).

Weld Australia is the peak body representing the welding profession in Australia, with a vision to facilitate the growth of a world class welding industry.
Working together, Weld Australia Outsource Institute aim to collectively ensure that the Australian welding industry remains both locally and globally competitive, now and into the future.

Be On Our Side

We have well-established relationships with many of Australia’s leading engineering, mining and manufacturing companies.

Who Should Enrol?

People who want to become a certified welder, wanting to qualify as a Welding Supervisor or people requiring knowledge in this area are; Tradespeople, Technicians, Engineers, Sales Engineers, Foreman and leading hands, Workshop supervisors, Quality Managers and Expediters, Estimators, and Planning staff.

About The Program

Outsource Institute (AUS) has developed self-paced, distance learning materials that deliver the knowledge which is required to complete the theory required to pass the AS1796-2001 Certification of Welders and Welding Supervisors and AS 2214-2004 Certification of Welding Supervisors-Structural Steel Welding paper A and paper B examinations. Students will have 18 months from enrolment to complete the following units of competencies:

  • MEM05024 Perform welding supervision
  • MEM05026 Apply welding principles making them eligible to sit the exam

Pre-requisite units associated with the above units of competencies can be completed either by Credit Transfer or Recognition of Prior Learning* (RPL). On completion of all required units, students can sit Outsource Institute’s online exam under test conditions to prepare themselves for the Weld Australia exam. Students will pay their exam fee to Outsource Institute and will have 6 months to sit the exam. Outsource Institute will notify Weld Australia of your intent to sit the exam. Students can book their exam directly with Weld Australia. Students will be issued a Statement of Attainment on completion from Outsource Institute. Weld Australia will produce and issue a wallet-sized card and an electronic certificate.

*Students must provide sufficient evidence to be granted RPL.

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